U.S. Army Healthcare 6th MRB

3320 Pepper Lane
Las Vegas, NV (US)

The 6th Medical Recruiting Battalion (MRBn).  You are being assigned to the largest geographically dispersed MRBn in the United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) covering a geographical area comprised of 15 Western States to include Alaska, Hawaii and US territories in the Pacific region and equaling 21 million square miles of territory.   The Centurion MRBn currently has 100 active duty and reserve Soldiers and 19 Government Service employees’ organized into three (3) Medical Recruiting Company’s (MRC) and 16 Medical Recruiting Centers (MRS).   Our normal mission is train, maintain, and sustain the active and reserve force by recruiting over 348 healthcare professionals for the Medical, Dental, Nurse, Veterinary, Medical Services, and Medical Specialist Corps.