Job Searches for Recent Graduates

Recent grads have the skills needed to acquire a job.

Recent grads need to keep in mind that they do have transferable skills. These are obtained from a variety of avenues such as school, part-time work, internships, leadership roles, class projects, extra-curricular activities, etc. You should think of ways these skills could be utilized within the prospective employer's organization (could be analytical, marketing, writing, coordinating, etc.)

The strengths that all employers are looking for are quality communication skills, good problem solving skills, flexibility, adaptability, positive personality, high attendance and punctuality, trainability, and teamsmanship, etc.

Recent Grads need to relate whatever their work experience is to the needs of the potential employers they are approaching, translating their demonstrated skills and abilities into terms which appeal to the needs of the potential employer.

One excellent way to get at this information is to read up on the potential employers industry, weaving into your cover letter a knowledge of their needs