How to Write a Resume

A well-written resume is key to landing an interview, and is the most important document in your professional life. Learn to do it right.

A well-written resume won't get you a job but may get you an interview!

Take the time, decide which resume sample will be best for your needs. Decide if you will take on the resume writing process yourself or if you will look to a resume service for help. In either case, check out the samples below which can be downloaded to MS Word for you to use. They will be a helpful guide.

Organize your information yourself. Remember your resume is a reflection of you and it needs your personal input. An effective resume is a clearly written, concise document which presents your skills, knowledge, experience, education and other relevant data.

What a Resume Does

  • Focuses attention on your special abilities
  • Creates a favorable impression of you
  • Creates a desire to meet you personally and to find out more about you

What a Resume Does "Not Do"

  • Get you a job... you do
  • Present all the facts about you (no life story)... just give pertinent information
  • Misrepresent you... a good resume presents you "favorably" but does not state untruths