Private Health Assistant-- Nurse/Caregiver (Live-in Private Cottage)

Miramar Beach, FL 32550
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August 03, 2022
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Private Health Assistant-- Nurse/Caregiver

(Live-in Private Cottage)

Job Summary: updated 5-31-2022

The patient is a 29-year-old female with a treatable complex, chronic environmental illness. The purpose of this position is to assist the patient with her goal of getting well by helping support her in her current disabilities, assist her with implementing treatments and protocols, and keeping her accountable and focused on her healing journey. Administrative work will be a large part of this position due to the patients current inability to use a computer, along with her interest in ongoing research. A knowledge of Functional/Integrative Medicine is necessary.

Administrative Skills

  • Email, portal and phone correspondence with medical and personal needs.

  • Scanning, printing, copying.

  • Filing/organization of records, lab results, protocols, research, etc.

  • Research of various types/topics.

  • Ordering of supplements, medical & personal supplies, etc.

Direct Care

  • Help organize, remind, and motivate patient with implementing doctor-prescribed treatment protocols  including supplementation, at-home test kits, diet changes, etc.

  • Help create a daily schedule with patient that includes a few check-ins throughout the day. (Patient must spend a lot of time alone due to fatigue).

  • Help create daily and weekly checklists to assist patient with completing treatment protocols.

  • Will need to be in/at main house for majority of work hours as patient currently needs someone nearby (most time will be spent in a provided private home office.) Patient is currently homebound.

  • Simple food prep (heating) and delivery of meals throughout the day (diet change will be a big focus).

  • IV therapy and blood draw abilities would be desirable, or the ability to coordinate these services.

  • An understanding of how best to work with a patient with chronic fatigue. This includes: a lot of alone time, short check-ins/visits, respecting current limits with exercise and activities, etc. (Patient currently spends most of her day sitting/resting).

  • A willingness to learn about/understand the patients current sensitivities, including multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) and EMF sensitivities. Also, how these can affect the patient, along with not being misunderstood as a mental illness. (Reading material can be provided).

  • Ability to be patient, kind, and understanding with the patients current behavioral health symptomsincluding anxiety, OCD and occasional mild depression.

  • The symptoms of chronic fatigue, multiple chemical/electrical sensitivities and behavioral issues are a result of the patients current toxicity and nutritional deficiencies and should continue to improve as her health improves. The patient will feel best in a calm, supportive, non-judgmental environment.

  • The patient, though serious when it comes to focusing on her health, likes to live in a more positive lighthearted down-to-earth way  trying to make the best of her current circumstances.

  • Willingness to learn about patients multi-system illness and become part of her health team, along with sitting in on doctor calls, by patients request, to take notes and be involved with treatment protocols.

  • Help hire/manager other care for patient, if needed.

  • Assist and coordinate in keeping patient living space clean and tidy.

  • Assist and coordinate with patient on the laundering of clothing and linens.

  • Patient is looking for a long-term position to help be a part of health journey as it progresses and evolves  helping support, guide, and motivate her through the various stages of healing - with an intention to care for the patient and a goal of helping her achieve wellness and independence.

  • Personality traits best for healing: calm, kind, supportive, not overly talkative (patient tires easily), patient, and ability to help nudge patient forward in a firm, but gentle way.

  • Supportive of integrative/functional and conventional medicine.

  • Will work with current health team including specialized environmental physician, functional dietician, functional health coach, local primary physician (does house-calls), among others.

Living Arrangements

  • This position is a full-time homecare live-in position with a furnished private cottage on-property for living.

  • The following living parameters are necessary due to the current sensitivities of the patient  primarily EMF and multiple chemical sensitivities.

    • Both provided cottage and main house are non-toxic, organic environments. (ex. all cleaning and home/body products are natural and non-toxic).

    • All products needed in the cottage and main house will be provided or will need to be purchased from approved healthy brands ( is usually used to vet new products).

    • Both homes are low-EMF (ex. no WiFi, --- hardwired Internet provided).

    • More information will be provided upon interest.


  • Workdays: Wednesday---Sunday

  • Off days: Monday and Tuesday

  • Holidays----flexible

  • Daily Hours at Home Office/patient: 9 AM---- 5 PM (ON-CALL if needed after hoursavailable on cell phone)

  • Salary range: $79K---$87K depending on experience/education

  • Two weeks paid vacation

  • Health/dental/vision/life insurance with 401K saving plan

  • 90 Probationary period

  • Must have knowledge/experience as Home health caregiver/ OR nurse. Must have knowledge and some experience in the area of Functional Medicine, Integrative Medicine, or Holistic medicine.

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