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July 16, 2024
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The Medical Service Corps is the most highly varied Corps within Navy Health Care.

It’s composed of a multidisciplinary team of Navy Officers in administrative, scientific

and clinical health-care specialties.


Here, you can:

• Earn excellent compensation on a renowned team of experts

• Operate with the advantage of having well-funded support

• Work in exciting locations across the U.S. or around the globe

• Receive unrivaled professional experience along with Navy-funded advanced training

• Distinguish yourself with pride and respect as a health-care leader and Navy Officer

There are 22 diverse specialties available in the Navy Medical Service Corps –

categorized in three broad focus areas: Health Care Administration, Health Care Science

and Clinical Care.



Administrator doesn’t begin to describe the importance of Health Care Administration (HCA) in

America’s Navy. Administrators are the eyes, ears and minds of a global health-care network,

managing finances, facilities, logistics, operations and personnel.

As a Health Care Administrator in the Navy Medical Service Corps, you may oversee funds

earmarked for service members’ health needs. Conduct research to incorporate best practices

at the forefront of progressive health care. Or set up operating facilities for a humanitarian

mission in a Third World country.


In the Navy, you can hold management positions in medical and dental treatment facilities,

as well as operational units worldwide – working in any one or more of the following HCA concentration areas:

• Education and Training Management

• Financial Management

• General Health Care Administration

• Health Care Facilities Planning

• Information Management

• Manpower Systems Analysis

• Medical Logistics Management

• Operations Research

• Patient Administration

• Plans, Operations and Medical Intelligence



Establishing physiological guidelines for deep-sea diving and high g-force combat maneuvers.

Developing countermeasures for radiation and chemical poisoning. Or correlating the

aerodynamics of the F/A-18 Super Hornet. This is how the men and women of the Health Care

Science research community in America’s Navy dedicate their time.

As a Health Care Scientist in the Navy Medical Service Corps, you’ll find the resources to

encourage progress, the support of dedicated colleagues, and the ability to conduct a host

of high-level, well-funded studies. You’ll also have the freedom to step beyond the role of

traditional research and position yourself at the forefront of medical science.


In the Navy, you can make breakthroughs in science that impact the world at large –

specializing in any of 11 areas:

• Aerospace Experimental Psychology

• Aerospace Physiology

• Biochemistry

• Entomology

• Environmental Health

• Industrial Hygiene

• Medical Technology

• Microbiology

• Research Physiology

• Radiation Health

• Research Psychology



Designing aural rehabilitation programs. Helping young heroes return to independent living.

Heading up pharmacies anywhere from a mobile clinic to a 1,000-bed hospital ship. These are

some of the opportunities waiting in the world of clinical care in America’s Navy.

As a Clinical Care Provider in the Navy Medical Service Corps, you can serve among the clinical

care professionals who directly attend to those who defend our country and those who cannot

defend themselves around the globe. Enjoying access to cutting-edge technology, experience on

a whole new level and impressive rewards for making a difference in the world.


In the Navy, you can make a lasting impact on people’s lives – specializing in any of 10 areas:

• Audiology

• Clinical Psychology

• Dietetics/Food Management

• Occupational Therapy

• Optometry

• Pharmacy

• Physical Therapy

• Physician Assistant

• Podiatry

• Social Work



To qualify for Active Duty employment consideration in the Navy Medical Service Corps, you must:

• Be a U.S. citizen

• Be willing to serve a minimum of three years of Active Duty

• Meet general requirements for age and physical condition

• Meet all background requirements specific to your specialty

(contact a Medical Officer Recruiter for details)


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