General Surgery - Reserve

Navy Talent Acquisition Group Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA
Post Date:
July 01, 2024
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As a General Surgeon, you are no stranger to the challenges and opportunities of civilian practice. With your medical knowledge and experience, you are capable of making a significant, lasting impact wherever you go. Are you ready for something more?

As a part-time General Surgeon in the Navy, you will:


•Deliver the most advanced medical care to our nation’s heroes and their families.

  • •Gain surgical experience and pioneer new treatments, from bionic prosthetics to bone and tissue regeneration.

  • •Access the most advanced medical technology and resources to practice medicine.

  • •Conduct medical research on diseases of military importance, and conduct, supervise and participate in graduate medical education and training.

  • •Collaborate with fellow military doctors and other healthcare officers.

  • •Partner with International Relief Teams and organizations, such as FEMA, USAID and Project Hope.

  • •Have the potential to exercise command of medical units and/or perform special staff functions for commanders at all levels.


Financial / Educational Incentives:


For part-time Reserve surgeons, our Training in Medical Specialty program is designed to provide financial and other incentives for medical professionals while in select residency and fellowship •Excellent retirement benefits including Blended Retirement System/Pension and 5% 401K Government matching contribution

  • •Tricare Dental & Health Insurance for you and your dependents

  • •Serviceman’s Group Life Insurance –up to $400,000

  • •Post 9/11 GI Bill, which provides educational benefits to fulfill your educational needs with ability to transfer to eligible dependents

  • •Base Facilities, Commissary, and Exchange access for you and your family

  • •Travel Space on military aircrafts from certain military bases at a low fee

  • •Department of Veterans Affairs Home Loan Guarantee Program




Must be a U.S Citizen, currently practicing (licensed & board certified/eligible), and meet our physical, legal, security screening and credential requirements.

Active Duty candidates must be commissioned by age 55. Reserve candidates must be commissioned by age 65.


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