Texas Health Resources
Plano, TX 75093
Post Date:
July 10, 2024
Job Status:


Associate's Degree Graduate of an accredited Nursing program Completion of BSN within two years of earliest start date in a Texas Health RN role is required without a previously approved exemption. Please contact your Human Resources department for additional information or questions. Req

Bachelor's Degree Nursing Pref


2 Years experience as a clinical nurse with previous experience as a charge nurse or similar leadership role (i.e. Charge nurse, committee chair, preceptor) Req

Licenses and Certifications

RN - Registered Nurse Upon Hire Req And

BCLS - Basic Cardiac Life Support Upon Hire Req


A high degree of confidentiality, positive interpersonal skills, and ability to function in a fast-paced environment.


This position manages people Varies

ADA Requirements

  • Extreme Heat 1-33%

  • Extreme Cold 1-33%

  • Extreme Swings in Temperature 1-33%

  • Extreme Noise 1-33%

  • Working Outdoors 1-33%

  • Working Indoors 67% or more

  • Mechanical Hazards 1-33%

  • Electrical Hazards 1-33%

  • Explosive Hazards 1-33%

  • Fume/Odor Hazards 67% or more

  • Dust/Mites Hazards 1-33%

  • Chemical Hazards 34-66%

  • Toxic Waste Hazards 1-33%

  • Radiation Hazards 1-33%

  • Wet Hazards 1-33%

  • Heights 1-33%

  • Other Conditions 1-33%


Tasks involving exposure to blood, body fluids, or tissues.

Physical Demands

Medium Work


Quality/Performance Improvement: Collaborates with Leadership, UBC, and appropriate team members to establish, implement, and monitor department policies/procedures, facilitate unit goals, evaluate and individualize patient care and provide direction to staff to promote quality outcomes.

  • Engages staff to promote evidence based practices within the unit.

  • Monitors key performance indicators (KPI?s) and regulatory requirements for compliance.

  • Provides bedside leadership and clinical expertise to improve quality of patient care.

  • Provides safe direct patient care in coordination with other staff when unit activity dictates.

  • Provide guidance in emergency or complex situations.

  • Use appropriate methodology consistently for communication handoffs.

  • Evaluates the outcome of patient care, consults with others on the patient care team, and adjusts nursing care processes as needed to improve outcomes.

  • Manages and monitors patient and staff safety initiatives and outcomes.

  • Performs pro-active risk assessments to identify potential issues.

  • Models the use of High Reliability Organization (HRO) tools in everyday practice and situations and encourages staff do the same.

  • Assists with development and serves as a resource to others for new system and entity based initiatives. Support ongoing sustainment of these changes.


Shared decision making: This role provides bedside leadership on a particular unit or units and shift, coordinating patient flow, patient care and assignments. Responsible for assisting the manager/director with human resource management to include evaluations, coaching, mentoring, recruitment, retention, education and orientation. Works with manager/director to control costs and manage department budget and productivity.

  • Facilitates patient/nurse assignments based on volume, acuity and skill mix, and provides coordination of patient care on nursing unit while maintaining productivity standards.

  • Facilitates patient flow for the unit.

  • Provides continuous constructive feedback and timely annual performance evaluations to staff.

  • Participates in progressive disciplinary action process with Manager/Director and staff.

  • Uses Performance Management Guide appropriately.

  • Supports retention strategies and objectives and assists with recruiting and hiring of potential staff.

  • Collaborates with manager and educator or CNS to provide staff orientation, education and on-going competency assessment.

  • Participates in the development and monitoring of the budget and seeks opportunities for cost containment and achievement of KPI?s.

  • Collaborates with physicians, staff, hospital departments, and outside agencies to provide patient care.

  • Participates in policy development and mentors staff regarding policies and procedures, and regulatory requirements.

  • Gathers staff input during rounding, and completes direct report journaling.


Patient and Family Centered Care: Effectively communicates with patients, families and other healthcare team members by incorporating the 8 caring factors in the Quality Caring Model which include: basic human needs, human respect, encouraging manner, affiliation needs, mutual problem solving, healing environment, attentive reassurance and appreciation of unique meaning.

  • Creates shift assignments, initially and throughout the shift reflecting consideration of the nurses skill level and patient?s need.

  • Effectively evaluate the care each shift, on every patient to ensure the patient?s needs are being addressed to ensure a high quality experience.

  • Maintain a constant state of awareness for opportunities to address ongoing patient and family needs.

  • Advocate for patients and families to ensure they have a voice in their care decisions.

  • Demonstrates the ability to use available data and critical thinking skills to address urgent needs of the patient. (For example MEWS & SIRS Scores)

  • Fosters an environment to promote patient and family centered care through purposeful hourly rounding, bedside shift report, updated care boards, and leader rounds.

  • Recognizes/communicates ethical and legal concerns through established channels of communication.

  • Uses H.E.A.R.T appropriately to address patient/family concerns.


Teamwork: Incorporates THR philosophy in working with peers, and other members of the health care team. Partners with physicians to advance physician engagement.

  • Consistently models the THR Promise Behaviors.

  • Actively Promotes unit based councils/committee structure and networks with peers to share ideas and conduct mutual problem solving.

  • Participates in huddles, meetings, daily care briefings with other members of the healthcare team to facilitate patient flow and optimum utilization of resources.

  • Demonstrates effective communication skills with families, patients, physicians and other members of the healthcare team.

  • Works in coordination with other staff when unit activity dictates, monitoring patient care and providing direction to staff to promote quality outcomes.

  • Collaborates with physicians and other members of the healthcare team to promote safe individualized care as well as promoting accountability in enhancing the patient experience.

  • Demonstrates advocacy for patients and staff.

  • Facilitates staff member attendance at assigned meetings and projects.


Professional Development: Assimilates leadership responsibilities on the unit and throughout the entity and/or system. Promotes a positive image of Texas Health Nursing. Commits to autonomous maintenance and continuous improvement of competence and serves as a role model to other healthcare team members. Holds self and other accountable for highly reliable behavior.

  • Demonstrates involvement in a professional organization, including certification in appropriate specialty if applicable.

  • Actively participates in unit based, department, entity and/or system committees and task forces.

  • Consistently promotes a professional image of nursing in demeanor, appearance, attitude and behavior. Is flexible with scheduling to meet the needs of the department.

  • Participates in community outreach activities.

  • Demonstrates accountability and responsibility by independently completing projects/assignments on time.

  • Leads or participates in required meetings.

  • Promotes the Magnet/Pathways philosophy throughout the organization.

  • Supports and promotes the Nursing Operations Plan.

  • Engages in continuous learning and practice improvement by attending inservices and/or continuing education.

  • Practice reflects current methodology supported by evidence based practice.

  • Complies with THR policies and procedure in accordance with the Texas Nursing Practice Act and ANA Code of Ethics.