Board Certified or Board Eligible Psychiatrist

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June 01, 2024
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Knightingale Health Services, LLC is a fresh, dedicated healthcare staffing company that specializes in temp-to-hire, locums, and direct hire opportunities for local, state and federal hospitals, nationwide. We strive to hire the best possible healthcare professionals for our Clients while building long-lasting relationships with our candidates! We are currently seeking a qualified and experienced Psychiatrist for Pittsburgh, PA.

Job discription:

Place of Performance: VAPHS, University Drive Campus, 

License - Contract physician(s) assigned by the Contractor to perform the services covered by this contract shall have a current license to practice medicine.  To have Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) registration, contract providers must have a medical license and be individually registered with the DEA in the state where they will provide services under the contract.  All licenses held by the personnel working on this contract shall be full and unrestricted licenses. Contract physician(s) who have current, full and unrestricted licenses in one or more states, but who have, or ever had, a license restricted, suspended, revoked, voluntarily revoked, voluntarily surrendered pending action or denied upon application will not be considered for the purposes of this contract.


Board Certification – All contract physician(s) shall be board certified (preferred)/Board Eligible by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.  All continuing education courses required for maintaining certification must be kept up to date at all times.  Documentation verifying current certification shall be provided by the Contractor to the VA COR on an annual basis for each year of contract performance.


The VA Full Time Equivalency (FTE) for the services required is depended upon VAPHS need.  FTE is defined by VA as a minimum of 80 hours every two weeks and does not include holidays.


VA Business Hours: The inpatient clinics of Behavioral Health and Sciences (BH&S) Care Line are Full-Time, Monday- Friday.


Work Schedule:  

Work Schedule: Specific schedule will be among the following: 07:30 AM- 4:00 PM;  08:00 AM-04:30PM; 08:30 AM-5:00 PM; 09:00 AM – 05:30 PM; 09:30 AM – 06:00 PM; and 10:00 AM – 06:30 PM. excluding recognized Federal Holidays.  The Board-Certified preferred/Board Eligible Psychiatrist is required to be on site on a daily basis will be determined by VAPHS need, as defined in paragraph Hours of Operation in this section, unless leave has been approved by the COR.


Patients must be seen by a Contractor’s physician (s) on-site at VAPHS in accordance with VA Rules and Regulations on clinic wait times and consult completion.  Contractor shall notify the COR at least monthly about any obstacles to meeting this performance measure.

Contractor’s physician (s) shall be available and present in clinic during normal VAPHS clinic hours, VAPHS which will be established, and may be revised, as deemed appropriate for patient care by the Chief of Staff. 

Patients must be seen within the amount of time designated by the Service Line Vice President of the page when medically indicated. Requirements may differ based on the specialty. 


The VAPHS reserves the right to accommodate schedule changes as workload demands.  If any changes are needed the VAPHS will give notice prior to the change in shift.



Federal Holidays: The following holidays are observed by the Department of Veterans Affairs:

New Year’s Day

President’s Day

Martin Luther King’s Birthday

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Columbus Day

Veterans Day



Any day specifically declared by the President of the United States to be a national holiday.



Direct Patient Care: No less than 95% of the time is involved in direct patient care.   Per the qualification section of this PWS, the Contractor shall provide the following staff:


Board Certified Psychiatry Physicians:  1.00 FTEE Board Certified (preferred)/Board Eligible Psychiatrist by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Inc.



All services and care are to be provided consistent with the national standard of care, based on best clinical judgment, VA/VHA clinical guidelines, VA/VHA directives, pertinent VA/VHA performance measures and guidelines.  It is recognized by both parties that timely reporting of results of examinations as well as diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, is a critical component of good patient care.


Scope of Care: Contract physician(s)  (as appropriate and within scope of practice/privileging) shall be responsible for providing Psychiatry  care, including, but not limited to:

         The qualified Psychiatrist must provide:

Full range of psychiatry services to include treatment and management of general and specialized mental health needs in the Veteran population. Mental Health issues may include but are not limited to dementia, mood, schizophrenic and addictive disorders, PTSD, and those Veterans with co-morbid and medical/neurological disorders.

Mental Health Services include: inpatient on the three 26-bed units including acute psychiatric units and a unit for those with severe mental illness.

Work closely with COS in achieving strategic goals and performance measures within clinical area.

Exhibit leadership characterized by substantial and continuous responsibility and accountability for integrated programs that cross service/discipline lines, and influences organizational mission and healthcare.

Utilize current trends and relevant theories in an analytical framework to design/modify, implement, and measure integrated programs and activities to achieve clinical and administrative goals of the medical center and/or network; evaluate outcomes against strategic priorities.

Consultant to medical center staff and greater community in behavioral health care psychology.

Plan, organize, direct, control, and evaluate programs and follow-up actions to facilitate delivery of care and meet required internal and external review standards.

Provide leadership in professional, community, and governmental bodies that shape health care policy, contributing to the development/improvement of the healthcare delivery system and improved patient outcomes.

Establish processes to support evidence-based clinical and administrative practices.

Responsible for knowing the reusable medical equipment (RME) - instruments, equipment, medical devices, and/or supplies located in clinical area(s).

Efficiently and effectively navigate the electronic health record for timely completion of all required medical center documentation

Obtain, read, and follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all RME in clinical area(s).

Other duties as assigned. Follow-up on Psychiatry Issues


Clinical Care: Contractor physician(s) shall provide clinical Psychiatric services.  Contractor’s physician (s) shall be present on time for any scheduled clinics as documented by physical presence in the clinic at the scheduled start time.


Contractor’s physician (s) shall provide consultative services at the patient’s bedside if the patient is not ambulatory and is in a clinic setting if the patient is able to report to the outpatient clinic. Procedures shall be scheduled for completion within 30 days of the date of the consult.

Medications: Contractor’s physician(s) shall follow all established medication policies and procedures.  No medications shall be provided to patients.

Discharge education: Contractor’s physician(s) shall provide discharge education and follow up instructions that are coordinated with the next care setting for all Multispecialty clinical or surgical patients.


Patient Safety Compliance and Reporting:  Contract physician (s) shall follow all established patient safety and infection control standards of care.  Contract physician (s) shall make every effort to prevent medication errors, falls, and patient injury caused by acts of commission or omission in the delivery of care.  All events related to patient injury, medication errors, and other breeches of patient safety shall be reported to the COR VA Safety Policy. As soon as practicable (but within 24 hours) Contractors shall notify COR of incident and submit to the COR the Patient Safety Report, following up with COR as required or requested.


Administrative:  No more than 5% of time not involved in direct patient care.


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