QA registered nurse

Sterling Medical Corporation
Norfolk, VA
Post Date:
November 19, 2023
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Job Description

Sterling Medical is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
We are actively seeking women, minorities, and veterans for our positions.

Sterling Medical currently seeks a Registered Nurse to provide services full-time as a contracted employee with the U.S. Coast Guard in Norfolk, VA. The Registered Nurse will provide services 40 hours per week primarily with the active duty service member population in Norfolk

-competitive pay

-great hours in an ambulatory care setting

-PTO including all government holidays paid

-medical benefits optional

Responsibilities and Duties

Registered nurses (RNs) perform many jobs. RN's provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their family members. ... Monitor all aspects of patient care, including diet and physical activity.


Job Requirements

Qualifications and Skills

  • The Nurse shall meet or exceed the industry standards in accordance with established principles, practices and ethics of the Registered Nursing Profession. The standards of performance for all employees provided by the contractor shall reflect the degree and care, skill and learning expected of a reasonably prudent healthcare provider in the Registered Nursing profession in the state of their practice.

  • The concentration required for this job performance position is for a nurse led, strategic Quality Improvement and Quality Assurance capability, forward focused and aimed at “prevention” and “risk reduction”. It would include an enterprise-wide Health Safety, Work-Life Service Center commitment, with local and regional feedback to inform the process, maintain alignment and be structured to ensure compliance through monitoring and work to sustain gains made. The Quality Improvement and Quality Assurance function would provide the analysis, and documentation to support informed updates to policy guidance and direction to the enterprise through vehicles such as technical directives, Standard Operating Procedures and Technical Directives. The functions related to Quality Improvement and Quality Assurance, across all mission sets; require full-time attention by professionals with proven experience. This is imperative to get and maintain the enterprise in the “prevention”, rather than “reaction” mode and foster the commitment to be a self-learning and self-correcting organization.

  • The Contractors will provide professional services to U.S. Coast Guard Health Safety and Work-Life Service Center

  • Travel might be required for QI/QA visits to various U.S. Coast Guard bases/clinic sites at the discretion of the U.S. Coast Guard Health, Safety, and Work-Life Service Center.

  • Qualifications. The provider of Nursing services shall possess and maintain for the duration of this agreement:

  • A diploma/degree from an accredited school of Nursing. (Registered Nurse at a minimum);

  • A current unrestricted license to practice nursing in the assigned State.

  • Current Malpractice insurance in the amount of not less than one million ($1,000,000.00) dollars per occurrence.

  • Maintain current certification in Basic Cardiac Life Support (BLS) for the Health Care Provider by the American Heart Association (AHA), American Red Cross (ARC), American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI), or the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP).


-minimum of 2 years of professional years in the field in the past 3 years,

Job Type: Full-time


 Sterling Medical is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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