U.S. Army 3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion

328 3rd Ave
Fort Knox, KY (US) 40121
(582) 626-1041

The US Army 3rd Recruiting Brigade recruits with integrity the highest quality men and women to meet the needs of an expeditionary Army, while taking exceptional care of Soldiers, Civilians and Families.


• Believe that we can win. Winning starts in the “heart” of recruiters

• Empower leaders at all levels to make decisions required to win

• As long as they are legal, moral, and ethical, I have your back

• Brigade is here to help, but you need a good future plan for us to help you

• Continue to fight like no one is coming to help (current Phase Line)

• Develop an unconstrained plan to employ your resources and use resources from higher to make mission for future Phase Lines

• Seek to unburden recruiters with distractions and focus them on recruiting

• Right place, right time, right message

• Expand the impact of everything you do

• Use media and social media at every opportunity to connect with internal and external audiences