K.A. Recruiting, Inc.

10 Post Office Square
Boston, MA 2109
(617) 692-2949
  1. We provide quality, not just quantity. In order to ensure that we are presenting you with highly qualified candidates, we conduct an in-depth conversation to identify your current needs and expectations. After assessing your requirements we identify candidates that fit your description by direct recruiting and extensive networking. We perform a comprehensive interview with our uncovered candidate pool and provide you a select number of exceptional candidates who match your qualifications. 
  2. We have a national presence. At K.A. Recruiting we have the resources, contacts, and established network to expand your local search to a national level.
  3. We help to lower your turnover rates. By hiring the "right person" the first time for an opening there will be less turnover.
  4. We help to increase your overall profit. By being adequately staffed, patient volume will be adequately handled. This will maintain current patients and increase new patient flow. With K.A. Recruiting's extensive network of contacts, you can be assured that we can deliver top talent to you faster than your internal resources. 
  5. We offer service as well as support. In addition to providing top-notch candidates we will make the hiring process more efficient by scheduling and coordinating interviews and assisting with candidate references. 
  6. We provide confidential, reliable, and dependable service to our clients.