NAPA Management

Boilingbrook, IL

Founded in 1986 by the anesthesia group from Long Island’s North Shore University Hospital, North American Partners in Anesthesia (NAPA) is now the leading specialty anesthesia management company in the United States. Our basic charter is simple. NAPA partners with hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers and physician offices to provide anesthesia services and perioperative leadership that enhance operating room performance, revenue, and patient and surgeon satisfaction. Our ability to consistently deliver on this partnership model has created NAPA’s stellar reputation nationwide.

Over the years, NAPA has become well known for having the most respected clinical staff, management leadership and evidence-based quality initiatives in the industry. As a founding member of the Anesthesia Business Group (ABG), our entire organization is focused on an overarching commitment to providing a growing number of patients with exceptional and attentive care. In addition to our anesthesia services, NAPA delivers specialized services to those suffering from chronic and acute pain through North American Partners in Pain Management (NAPPM).

NAPA Management Services Corporation (NMSC) is our highly acclaimed medical practice managementorganization. Through NMSC, NAPA offers administrative, billing, collection and a range of additional services to medical practices throughout the United States.

In 2012, North American Partners in Anesthesia was recognized by the Healthcare Financial Management Association, which awarded us its prestigious Peer Reviewed by HFMA® Designation for providing exceptional financial products and services. With NAPA, you can expect versatile solutions and innovative strategies for best-in-class care and peak performance at a superior value to your organization.