Navy Recruiting District Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA
(215) 697-3974

Navy Recruiting District Philadelphia's mission is to provide the Navy with the highest quality men and women for enlistment and commission in the US Navy. All recruiting personnel will be highly screened volunteers and we will make recruiting a sought after assignment by fostering an atmosphere which promotes personal growth, personal satisfaction and quality of life for recruiting personnel and their families. Our career recruiting force is the cornerstone of the most highly motivated, best-trained personnel of any command. We inspire personal initiative, communication and trust to enhance mission accomplishment and instill a sense of pride and command ownership.   Navy Recruiting District Philadelphia Area of Responsibility is Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Baltimore and West Virginia.

Jobs From Navy Recruiting District Philadelphia

Job Posting Location Date Posted
U.S Navy Medical Corps (Physicians) Philadelphia, PA 2024-07-14
Medical Service Corps (Specialists) Philadelphia, PA 2024-07-14
NURSE CORPS OFFICER - U.S. NAVY Philadelphia, PA 2024-07-14
Medical Doctor- U.S Navy Philadelphia, PA 2024-07-14
DENTAL CORPS Philadelphia, PA 2024-07-10