Navy Recruiting District Denver

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Denver, CO 80203
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From the high-tech to the high-growth to the awe-inspiring, America’s Navy offers careers and jobs that fit all backgrounds and interests. There are literally hundreds of distinct professional roles in dozens of exciting fields. And whether you’re seeking a position as a nuclear engineer or a construction worker, a Navy Physician or a Navy SEAL, you’ll find unrivaled training and unequalled experience in a career of your dreams.

This section offers a deep-dive into Navy career opportunities, providing useful job descriptions with breakdowns of everything from requirements and responsibilities to prospects for advancement and educational programs related to your field of interest. Not sure what the right career path is? Our Life Ops tool asks a few questions, then helps you decide.

If you’re interested in making the most of your abilities in an in-demand field, think of today’s Navy as an employer of choice – and see what opportunities today’s Navy has to offer you.