U.S. Navy

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See what a difference you can make in the world in the Navy Medical Service Corps. You
can help support the mission of the Navy Medical community and people in need around the world. Doing what you do best, as an elite health professional and Navy Officer. You’ll work with advanced technology. In well- equipped facilities. With well-secured funding. Acquireunrivaled training. Unmatched credentials. And a reputation for excellence as a member of America’s Navy – A Global Force For Good.


In the Navy, you can establish yourself as a viable leader – whatever your expertise.
The Medical Service Corps is the most highly varied corps within Navy Health Care. It’s
composed of a multidisciplinary team of Navy Officers in administrative, scientific and clinical health-care specialties.

You’ll find more than 22 specialties represented in the areas of Health Care Administration, Health Care Science and Clinical Care. Opportunities that range from working with patients or working behind the scenes – in clinical practice, research or management. You may develop critical vaccine technology. Counsel victims of a natural disaster. Or develop worldclass medical centers. Whatever your role, you’ll serve not only as an esteemed medical professional but also as a distinguished Navy Officer and Medical Service Corps member contributing to the overall mission of Navy Health Care.

As a full-time member of the Medical Service Corps in the Navy, you can also look
forward to excellent benefits:

  • Competitive salary and potential specialty pay
  • Comprehensive health care and secure retirement
  • Tax-free housing, meals and shopping privileges
  • Generous vacation time and world-travel opportunities
  • Regular office hours

All this and much more. With the pride, purpose and satisfaction of serving your country. And humanity.


Wherever you are in your career, the Navy can help you reach your goals with financial
assistance and continuing education programs. There’s the potential to get up to $80,000* in graduate school loan repayment assistance by applying to receive $40,000 each year for up to two years. And a chance to take advantage of postgraduate training options funded by the Navy.