Physicians For Healthy Hospitals

Inland Empire, CA (US)
Quality. Service. Satisfaction.


Physicians for Healthy Hospitals (including Hemet Valley Medical Center and Menifee Valley Medical Center) (PHH) is a coalition of local doctors who are committed to creating strong, state of the art hospitals that serve as centers of medical excellence in the Hemet, San Jacinto, and Menifee Valleys. These hospitals are owned and operated by Physicians for Healthy Hospitals, Inc. Learn more about on our physician ownership.

Hemet Valley Medical Center is a 327-bed hospital that places the needs of the patients first and foremost, focusing on excellent clinical outcomes, patient safety, and exceptional service. Founded in 1943, Hemet Valley is fully accredited by The Joint Commission and serves as the largest private employer in the Hemet-San Jacinto Valley.

Menifee Valley Medical Center is an 84-bed hospital offering high quality healthcare with state-of-the-art technology. Founded in 1989, the hospital boasts an award-winning efficient building design with all private rooms and beautiful views.

Sage Retreat and Hemet Valley Recovery Center offer chemical dependency services to assist patients in all aspects of their care, from acute medical detoxification through rehabilitation and aftercare. Opening in 2001, the center has a professional staff that has gained the reputation as a quality team with experience able to succeed in the treatment of difficult and complex cases.

Our professional team of experts is focused on Quality, Service, and Satisfaction as the cornerstones for our success. PHH is committed to providing measurable quality with excellent clinical outcomes, patient safety, and exceptional service. We listen to our customers - patients, physicians, and employees. We want to be your community hospital. Trust us with your care.