Air Force Civilian Service

Randolph AFB, TX (US) 78150

Air Force Civilian Service (AFCS) is on a mission to support the United States Air Force and the men and women in uniform who serve.  We operate and manage a worldwide healthcare system that responds to the full spectrum of health requirements, providing quality-driven and prevention-based healthcare for 2.63 million beneficiaries.  Bring your talent, dedication, and conviction to our team. At 180,000 strong, we are a force to be reckoned with.

Jobs From Air Force Civilian Service

Job Posting Location Date Posted
Family Practice Physician (Davis-Monthan) AZ 2018-12-06
Licensed Clinical Psychologist TX 2018-12-03
Family Practice Physician (Patrick) FL 2018-12-14
Family Practice Physician Travis Afb, CA 2018-12-14
Family Practice Physician (Hurlburt) FL 2018-12-14
Emergency Medicine Physician TX 2018-12-14
Medical Instrument Technician U S A F Academy, CO 2018-12-14
Internal Medicine Physician OH 2018-12-14
Nurse Specialist (Cardio) CA 2018-12-14
Family Nurse Practitioner AZ 2018-12-14
Clinical Nurse FL 2018-12-14
Nurse Specialist (ER) CA 2018-12-14
Computed Tomography (CT) Technician TX 2018-12-13
Nurse (Healthcare Integrator) Travis Afb, CA 2018-12-13
Clinical Nurse (Family Practice) El Segundo, CA 2018-12-13
Clinical Laboratory Scientist AZ 2018-12-13
Health Systems Specialist Beale Afb, CA 2018-12-13
Senior Medical Technologist (Laboratory) Las Vegas, NV 2018-12-12
Physician Assistant (Emergency Medicine) San Antonio, TX 2018-12-12
Clinical Nurse Specialist Intensive Care Travis Afb, CA 2018-12-10
Medical Instrument Technician (Echocardiographer) MS 2018-12-09
Clinical Nurse (GS-0610-09) Aurora, CO 2018-12-09
Pharmacy Technician FL 2018-12-08
Medical Technician (Hematology) (GS-065-06) San Antonio, TX 2018-12-06
Dental Hygienist FL 2018-12-06