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TimeLine Recruiting specializes in the permanent placement of physicians and other select healthcare professionals nationwide. Recruiting a qualified healthcare professional for your practice, hospital, or medical facility is not an easy task. In an environment where supply is limited and demand is high, hiring managers and healthcare professionals face unique challenges that often require additional resources. Our physician recruiting services help match qualified physicians with opportunities throughout the country.


Whether you are a physician seeking a new opportunity or a medical facility in need of key clinical staff, TimeLine provides effective resources to help satisfy your recruitment goals. Learn more about how TimeLine can help fill your physician staffing needs.


TimeLine is a division of Maxim Staffing Solutions, an established community partner focused on staffing medical professionals in healthcare facilities nationwide. Maxim’s approach to quality care focuses on a commitment to providing a level of expertise, training, patient service, and monitoring that is difficult to match in the industry. As a division of Maxim, TimeLine is supported by a nationwide network of experienced healthcare professionals and staff.