Infinity MedStaff

9416 Nichols Road
Oklahoma City, OK (US) 73120
(888) 500-9005

Come experience the leader in permanent opportunities for the healthcare professional. Infinity guarantees superior personal service, treating you like a person, not a number.

What types of jobs do you have?

We specialize in Permanent job opportunities for the following: Advanced Practice, Rehabilitation, Nursing, Education, Physicians, and other areas.

What are the benefits of using Infinity MedStaff?

Your staffing consultant will work for you to find the opportunities that best fit your job criteria. We will save you time and locate positions that are not always available to the public. Your Infinity consultant will contact employers to help you obtain your desired job, a higher salary and better benefits.

Is there a cost to me for Infinity to find me a job?

There is no cost to you and your compensation will not be affected by working with Infinity. Our fees are paid by our healthcare clients.