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Healthcare Industry Resume FAQs

Applying for a position within the healthcare industry. Here are some FAQs about healthcare resumes.

Healthcare Industry Sample Resumes

Use this helpful resume sample if you're considering applying for a position within the healthcare industry.

How to Write Follow-up Letters

After applying to a job, it's important to write a follow-up letter. Here are some tips for writing a follow-up letter.

Job Decline Letters

When you're declining a job offer, it's important to be courteous and positive.

Job Searches for Recent Graduates

Recent grads have the skills needed to acquire a job.

Letters of Recommendation

A well-written letter of recommendation can help you increase your chances of being hired at the job of your choice.

Medical Technician Sample Resumes

Interested in applying for a medical technician position? Here's a resume template to get you started.

Military to Civilian Letters

Transitioning from a military career into a civilian one is difficult, but it can be done. Here are some helpful tips.

Nurse Anesthetist Sample Resume

If you're applying for a nurse anesthetist position, you can use this resume as a guide for crafting your own.

Nursing Administration Sample Resumes

Here's a helpful resume sample for the Nursing Administration field.

Nursing Educational Specialist Sample Resumes

Here's a resume template to help get you in the the nursing education field.

Nursing Management Sample Resumes

Check out this sample resume to help you apply for your Nursing Management position.