Emergency Medical Technician Licensing Boards / EMT Licensing Boards

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Acting Director: Jimmy D. Prince
Training Coordinator: Russell Crowley, [email protected]s
Organization: Emergency Medical Services, Department of Public Health
Address: 201 Monroe Street, Montgomery, AL  36104
Telephone: 334/206-5383
Fax: 334/206-5260
Home Page: Alabama EMS


Director: Matt Anderson, [email protected]
Organization: Dept. of Health and Social Services, Division of Public Health
Address: Section of Community Health and EMS, P.O. Box 110616, Juneau, AK  99811-0616
Telephone: 907/465-3027
Fax: 907/465-4101
Home Page: Alaska EMS


Bureau Chief: Judi Crume, RN, PhD.
Acting Medical Director: Michel Sucher, M.D.
Training Coordinator: Victor Dominguez, [email protected]
Organization: Arizona Department of Health Services, Bureau of EMS
Address: 1651 E. Morten, Suite 120, Phoenix, AZ  85020
Telephone: 602/861-1188
Fax: 602/861-2292
Home Page: Arizona EMS


Director: David Moskowitz
Training Coordinator: Virginia Williams
Organization: Division of EMS & Trauma Systems, Arkansas Department of Health.
Address: 4815 W. Markham Street, Slot 38, Little Rock, AR  72205-3867
Telephone: 501/661-2262
Fax: 501/280-4901
Home Page: Arkansas EMS

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Director: Richard Watson
Training Coordinator: Nancy Steiner
Organization: EMS Authority, State of California
Address: 1930 9th Street, Suite 100, Sacramento, CA  95814
Telephone: 916/322-4336
Fax: 916/324-2875
Home PageCalifornia EMS


Program Director: Michael Armacost
Training Coordinator: Dave Miller
Organization: Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, EMS Division
Address: 4300 Cherry Creek Dr. South, Denver, CO  80246-1530
Telephone: 303/692-2980
Fax: 303/691-7720
Home Page: Colorado EMS


Director: Mark C.N. Libby, RN
License and Applications Specialist: Alex Rodriguez Santoni
Organization: Office of EMS, State of Connecticut, Department of Public Health & Addiction Services
Address: PO Box 340308, 410 Capital Avenue, Hartford, CT  06134-0308
Telephone: 860/509-7975
Fax: 860/509-7987
Home Page: Connecticut EMS

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Director: William Stevenson IV
Medical Director: Ross Megargel, DO
Training Administrator: Robert Ross, [email protected]
Organization: Division of Public Health, Department of Health and Social Services
Address: Office of EMS, Blue Hen Corporate Center, 655 Bay Rd., Suite 4-H, Dover, DE  19901
Telephone: 302/739-4710
Fax: 302/739-2352


Director: Sherry B. Adams
Training Coordinator: Gabriela R. Gonzalez
Organization: Office of Emergency Health and Medical Services, Department of Health
Address: 820 N. Capital St., N.E., Washington, DC  20024
Telephone: 202/442-9111
Fax: 202/442-4812
Home Page: Washington DC EMS

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Chief: Charles Bement
Training Coordinator: John Gosford
Organization: Florida State Office of EMS
Address: 4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin C18, Tallahassee, FL  32399-1738
Telephone: 850/245-4440
Fax: 850/488-2512
Home Page: Florida EMS

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Interim Director: R. David Bean
Training Coordinator: Charles Benson, Jr.
Organization: State Department of Health, Office of EMS
Address: 2600 Skyland Drive, Atlanta, GA  30319
Telephone: 404/679-0547
Fax: 404/679-0526
Home Page: Georgia EMS

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Chief: Donna Maiava
Training Coordinator: Edward Kalinowski
Organization: State of Hawaii, Department of Health, EMS Systems Branch
Address: 3627 Kilauea Ave., Room 102, Honolulu, HI  96816
Telephone: 808/733-9210
Fax: 808/733-8332
Home Page: Hawaii EMS

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Chief: Dia Gainor
Certification & Licensure Coordinator: Paul Roberts
Organization: Idaho EMS Bureau
Address: 590 W. Washington Street, Boise, ID  83720-0036
Telephone: 208/334-4000
Fax: 208/334/4015
Home Page: Idaho EMS


Chief: Leslee Stein-Spencer RN, MS
Training Coordinator: Debbie Hoover
Organization: Division of EMS, State Department of Public Health
Address: 525 West Jefferson Street, Springfield, IL  62761
Telephone: 217/785-2080
Fax: 217/785-0253
Home Page: Illinois EMS


Director: Patrick Ralston
Training Coordinator: Sam Steinhilber/Tony Pagano
Organization: State EMS Commission
Address: 302 West Washington, Room E208 IGCS, Indianapolis, IN  46204-2258
Telephone: 317/233-6545
Fax: 317/232-3895
Home Page: Indiana EMS


Acting Director: Gary L. Ireland
Training Coordinator: Steve Mercer, [email protected]s
Organization: Iowa Department of  Public Health, Bureau of EMS
Address: 401 SW 7th Street, Suite D, Des Moines, IA  50309
Telephone: 515/725-0322
Fax: 515/725-0318
Home Page: Iowa EMS

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Administrator: David Lake
Training Coordinator: Donald White
Organization: Board of EMS
Address: 109 S.W. Sixth Street, Topeka, KS  66603-3826
Telephone: 785/296-7296
Fax: 785/296-6212
Home Page: Kansas EMS


Executive Director: Brian Bishop
Organization: Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services
Address: 275 E. Main Street, Frankfort, KY  40621
Telephone: 502/564-8963
Fax: 502/696-3800
Home Page: Kentucky EMS

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Director:Nancy Bourgeois, [email protected]
Coordinator: Beth Toups
Organization: Bureau of EMS, Department of Health and Hospitals, Office of Public Health
Address: PO Box 94215, 161 Third Street, Baton Rouge, LA  70804
Telephone: 225/342-4881
Fax: 225/342-4876
Home Page: Louisiana EMS

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Director: Jay Bradshaw
Training Coordinator: Dwight Corning
Organization: Maine EMS
Address: 16 Edison Drive, Augusta, ME  04330
Telephone: 207/287-3953
Fax: 207/287-6251
Home Page: Maine EMS


Director: Robert Bass MD
Training Coordinator: Andy Trohanis
Organization: Maryland Institute for EMS Services
Address: 653 W. Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD  21201-1528
Telephone: 410/706-3666
Fax: 410/706-2367
Home Page: Maryland EMS


Director: Louise Goyette
Assistant Director: Russell Bullock
Organization: Department of Public Health, Office of EMS
Address: 56 Roland Street, Suite 100, Boston, MA  02129-1235
Telephone: 617/284-8300
Fax: 617/284-8350
Home Page: Massachusetts EMS


Director: John Hubinger
Certification & Education Manager: Rae Ramsdell
Organization: Michigan Department of Consumer & Industry Service, Division of EMS Services
Address: PO Box 30670, Lansing, MI  48909
Telephone: 517/335-0918
Fax: 517/241-2895
Home: Michigan EMS


Executive Director: Mary Hedges
Training Coordinator: Jo Ann Champagne
Organization: The EMS Regulatory Board
Address: 2829 University Ave., SE Suite 310, Minneapolis, MN  55414-3222
Telephone: 612/627-6000
Fax: 612/627-5442
Home Page: Minnesota EMS


Director: James Craig
Deputy Director: Dave Kuchta, [email protected]
Organization: Mississippi Department of Health
Address: PO Box 1700, 570 East Woodrow Wilson, Annex 309, Jackson, MS  39215-1700
Telephone: 601/576-7380
Fax: 601/576-7373
Home Page: Mississippi EMS


Director: Paula G. Kempf
Training Coordinator: Greg Natsch
Organization: Bureau of Emergency Medical Services
Address: PO Box 570, 912 Wildwood Drive, Jefferson City, MO  65102
Telephone: 573/751-6356
Fax: 573/751-6348
Home Page: Missouri EMS


Chief: Ken Leighton-Boster
Training Coordinator: Kenneth L. Threet, [email protected]
Organization: Emergency Medical Services & Injury Prevention Section, Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services
Address: P.O. Box 202951, Cogswell Building, Helena, MT  59620-2951
Telephone: 406/444-3895
Fax: 406/444-1814
Home Page: Montana EMS

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Director: Dean Cole
Training Coordinator: Barbara Dodge, [email protected]
Organization: State Dept. of Health, Division of EMS
Address: 301 Centennial Mall South, 3rd Floor, Lincoln, NE  68501
Telephone: 402/471-2159
Fax: 402/471-6446
Home Page: Nebraska EMS


Supervisor: Fergus Laughridge
Organization: EMS Office, Nevada State Division of Health
Address: 1550 E. College Pkwy.,Ste. 158, Carson City, NE  89706
Telephone: 775/687-3065
Fax: 775/684-5313
Home Page: Nevada EMS


Supervisor of Education: David Dow
Organization: Department of Safety, Bureau of EMS
Address: 10 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH  03305-0003
Telephone: 603/271-4568
Fax: 603/271-4567
Home Page: New Hampshire EMS


Director: Susan Way
Training Coordinator: Robert S. Dinetz, robert.[email protected]
Organization: New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services
Address: PO Box 360, 50 East State Street, Trenton, NJ  08625-0360
Telephone: 609/633-7777
Fax: 609/633-7954
Home Page: New Jersey EMS


Chief: James Derrick
Organization: EMS Bureau, Department of Health
Address: 2500 Cerrillos Road, Sante Fe, NM  87505
Telephone: 505/476-7701
Fax: 505/476-7810
Home Page: New Mexico EMS


Director: Edward Wronski
Assoc. Director of Education: James Soto
EMS Educator: Andrew Stern
Medical Director: Mark C. Henry, MD
Training Coordinator: Karen Meggenhofen
Organization: EMS Bureau, New York State Department of Health
Address: 433 River Street, Suite 303, Troy, NY  12180-2299
Telephone: 518/402-0996
Fax: 518/402-0985
Home Page: New York EMS


Section Chief: Drexdal Pratt
Deputy Chief: Michael Eddinger
Assistant Chief, Education: C. Edward Browning, [email protected]
Organization: Office of EMS, Dept. of Health & Human Services
Address: 701 Barbour Drive, PO Box 29530, Raleigh, NC  27603
Telephone: 919/733-2285
Fax: 919/733-7021
Home Page: North Carolina EMS


Director: Timothy Wiedrich
ALS Coordinator: Larry M. Weber, [email protected]
Organization: Division of Emergency Services, North Dakota Department of Health
Address: 600 E. Boulevard Ave., Dept. 301, Bismarck, ND  58505-0200
Telephone: 701/328-2388
Fax: 701/328-1890
Home Page: North Dakota EMS

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Executive Director: Laura Ludwig-Tiberi
Training Coordinator: Ellen G. Owens
Organization: Ohio Department of Public Safety
Address: P.O. Box 182073, Columbus, OH  43218-2073
Telephone: 614/466-9447
Fax: 614/466-9461
Home Page: Ohio EMS


Interim Director: Shawn Rogers
Training Coordinator: Kay Hollingsworth
Organization: EMS Division, Oklahoma State Department of Health
Address: 1000 N.E. 10th Street, Oklahoma City, OK  73117-1299
Telephone: 405/271-4027
Fax: 405/271-4240


Acting EMS Sec. Mngr.: Thomas "Russ" Harper
Organization: EMS Systems, Oregon Health Division
Address: 800 N.E. Oregon St., #607, Portland, OR  97232-2162
Telephone: 503/731-4011
Fax: 503/872-5400
Home Page: Oregon EMS

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Director: Margaret Trimble
Training Coordinator: S. Gail Dubs, [email protected]
Organization: Division of EMS, Pennsylvania Department of Health
Address: PO Box 90, Harrisburg, PA  17108
Telephone: 717/787-8740
Fax: 717/772-0910
Home Page: Pennsylvania EMS

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Director: Peter Leary
Training Coordinator: Ed Batsford
Organization: Division of EMS, Rhode Island Department of Health
Address: 3 Capital Hill, Room 404, Providense, RI  02908-5097
Telephone: 401/222-2401
Fax: 401/222-3352
Home Page: Rhode Island EMS

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Director: Joseph W. Fanning
Training Coordinator: Alonzo W. Smith, [email protected]
Organization: Emergency Medical Services Section, Department of Health and Environmental Control
Address: 2600 Bull Street, Columbia, SC  29201
Telephone: 803/545-4204
Fax: 803/737-7212
Home Page: South Carolina EMS


Director: Robert Graff
Training Coordinator: Dave Schmidt
Organization: South Dakota Department of Health
Office of Emergency Medical Services
Address: 207 E. Missouri Ave #1A, Pierre, SD  57501-3293
Telephone: 605/773-4031
Fax: 605/773-5904
Home Page: South Dakota EMS

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Director: Joseph B. Phillips
Training Coordinator: Blaine Hill
Organization: Division of EMS, Tennessee Department of Health
Address: Cordell Hull Building, 425 Fifth Avenue North, 1st Floor, Nashville, TN  37247-0701
Telephone: 615/741-2584
Fax: 615/741-4217
Home Page: Tennessee EMS


Chief: Jim Arnold
Training Coordinator: Eddie Walker
Organization: Bureau of Emergency Management, State Department of Health
Address: 1100 West 49th Street, Austin, TX  78756-3199
Telephone: 512/834-6700
Fax: 512/834-6736
Home Page: Texas EMS

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Director: Jan M. Buttery
Training Coordinator: Don Wood
Organization: Bureau of EMS, Department of Health
Address: PO Box 142004, Salt Lake City, UT  84114-2004
Telephone: 801/538-6435
Fax: 801/538-6808
Home Page: Utah EMS

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Director: Daniel Manz
Training Coordinator: Michael O'Keefe, [email protected]
Organization: EMS Division, Department of Health
Address: PO Box 70, 108 Cherry St., Burlington, VT  05402
Telephone: 802/863-7310
Fax: 802/863-7577
Home Page: Vermont EMS


Director: Gary R. Brown
Training Coordinator: Bill L. Meadows
Organization: Division of EMS, Department of Health
Address: 1538 E. Parham Rd., Richmond, VA  23228
Telephone: 804/371-3500
Fax: 804/371-3543
Home Page: Virginia EMS

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Director: Janet Griffith
Training Coordinator: Rick Buell
Organization: Emergency Medical and Trauma Prevention, ET-40, Department of Health
Address: PO Box 47853, Olympia, WA  98504-7853
Telephone: 360/705-6700
Fax: 360/705-6706
Home Page: Washington EMS


Director: Mark E. King
Organization: Office of EMS, State Department of Health
Address: 350 Capitol Street, Room 515, Charleston, WV  25301
Telephone: 304/558-3956
Fax: 304/558-1437
Home Page: West Virginia EMS


EMS Sys. Sec. Chief: Nancy Turner, RN, EMTP
Coordinators: Joanne Herfel/Terry L. Gonderzik
Organization: Bureau of EMS & Injury Prevention
Address: DHFS/P.H., PO Box 2659, Madison, WI  53701-2659
Telephone: 608/266-1568
Fax: 608/261-6392
Home Page: Wisconsin EMS


Director: Jimm Murray
Training Coordinator: Jim Mayberry
Organization: EMS Program, State of Wyoming
Address: Hathaway Building, 4th Floor, Cheyenne, WY  82002
Telephone: 307/777-7955
Fax: 307/777-3617
Home Page: Wyoming EMS

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